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Floral Styles - Changing Your Look Successfully

Color seems to be a mystery with clothing.

There are people out there who all appear together, which seemed to be perfect wear all the time - and there are people who are, who do not seem to understand that the shirt trousers,

It does not help, clothing, adult clothing for children is much more complicated than that. Remember, the whole line of clothing for children Garanimals they contain nothing but the color-coordinated components - as a pair to fit almost any shirt? This is certainly not the case with men ...

So, to help them make it easier to coordinate the color of the men - Here are some tips on how best to ensure the color along with the clothes.

Now, this is no "rules" because there may be some color to collect a lot of changes; However, the following tips will help you at least walk out the door and did not look like a clown:

Avoid pants -

A colored pants is not a very handsome man. Keep your pants your basic neutral, black or gray, camel, khaki little brunette or will do well, it will just a meeting. Or, if you accidentally hit the day dress, jeans will be great!

Because you do not choose a neutral color pants (or jeans), the rest of your clothes will be very difficult, as long as the colors to choose from.

If your pants in black or gray, brown nuance in each of them to go, so they are not well with the shirt. Pants tan, brown or khaki or jeans can be used with almost any color shirt.

Select the shirt -

When choosing a color shirt, but it's better to choose shirt, very close to the exact color of the trousers or jeans you avoid. When the same color shirt and shorts, he looks like a mold.

Choose a design on the shirt, but keeping a clean start, and make sure you choose everything else is neutral.

Tights -

Socks must be close to the color of his pants. For shoes, brown shoes, to be avoided if you just not dressed; commercial activities must be accompanied by black shoes.

Here are some common colors are suitable, which can help you put together clothing,

Use coordinate these suggestions in conjunction with the above, your color, do not worry:

Color Temperature (pastel), so with gray or black trousers. Wearing a pastel shirt, beige pants only can say you look like an Easter egg.

Two bright colors should not be worn at the same time - just choose. If not, make your headache passersby.

Different shades of the same color from head to toe is a good idea. For example, wearing blue pants, a shirt button and a light blue sweater, dark blue looks good.

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